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Wireless LED Uplighting

You can be sure your banquet room will be warmly accented with the color you choose from our high end, wireless, battery powered, LED uplight system.  Because our system is all wireless, we have the ability to control the uplighting from the DJ booth.  Want them to strobe around the room during your grand introduction, pulse to the beat of the music during a dance set, and slowly fade between colors during dinner and desert? With an Allure wireless uplight package  the possibilities are endless and completely up to you!  Not only can we match any color imaginable, but there is no need to worry about your guests seeing wires.  These fixtures are as small as an ipad and are charged the day before your affair.

Intelligent Lighting

While uplighting sets the mood in the grand ballroom, intelligent lighting adds energy to your dancefloor.  Intelligent lighting is used in night clubs and is the perfect addon to make your guests connect with the music.  Controlled from the DJ booth, slow patterns are set to wash the room until the dancefloor opens.  With guests on the dancefloor, the intelligent light patterns will transition to nightclub style high energy lighting, taking the energy to a higher level.  With Intelligent lighting, we also have the ability to project the Bride & Grooms custom designed logo anywhere in the room.

DJ & Emcee Entertainment

An experienced DJ and Emcee team is the foundation of your event.  Customized music selections are key to any affair.  The DJ and Emcee are responsible for getting your guests on the dance floor! 

HD-TV Displays 

One of the most requested add ons we offer is our HD-TV Display Screens.  These high definition displays allow you to show your guests a custom made video montage, music videos, action shots taken throughout the night, and custom designed motion logos made especially for your affair!    


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